AcceleDent™ and Other Orthodontic Technology

At L&M Orthodontics, we continually explore the latest orthodontic technology to make your treatment more comfortable, effective, and convenient. In addition to offering several orthodontic treatment options, Dr. Calvin Lee and Dr. Samuel Meyrowitz use several advanced technologies for safer, more effective treatment, including digital X-rays and AcceleDent™. Our Glenside and Doylestown offices are equipped to provide the comprehensive orthodontic care you and your family need. To learn more, contact L&M Orthodontics today.

Expedite Alignment with AcceleDent™

The AcceleDent™ System uses tiny vibrations, called SoftPulse Technology®, to accelerate the movement of your teeth. This technology does not change the path of your teeth alignment, but rather speeds it up. Your teeth still continue to progress in the way which your dental hardware allows them.

You will administer AcceleDent™ to yourself in the comfort of your own home for 20 minutes a day. Dr. Lee or Dr. Meyrowitz will provide you a mouthpiece that fits comfortably over your teeth and braces. The mouthpiece attaches to the AcceleDent™ handheld device, which is comfortable and easy to use.

During treatment, SoftPulse Technology® stimulates the cellular activity needed to reshape your jaw bone and straighten your teeth. You can apply the device while watching TV, working, doing homework, reading, and more. Before you are sent home with your AcceleDent™, our team will fully educate you on its proper use.

Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)

Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) work like an anchor to move hard-to-align teeth into their proper position. A TAD is actually a very small, titanium screw that is inserted into a patient’s jaw. An orthodontist attaches a small wire or chain to this anchor and attaches the other end to the tooth that needs to be moved.

A TAD is placed through your gum tissue, into the bone. The procedure is very easy, and can usually be performed in the office using only a topical anesthetic. TADs can be easily removed by your orthodontist and may be used for only a part of your treatment or until its completion.

By applying a TAD, your orthodontist can correct severe misalignment without resorting to oral surgery or bulky devices such as headgear. Your TAD can make a huge difference in the appearance of your smile without putting stress on your adjacent teeth. The TAD application usually has minimal discomfort and care for the device requires only standard brushing.

Digital X-rays

At L&M Orthodontics, we proudly use digital X-rays to monitor your progress and the movement of your teeth. Digital imaging offers a number of advantages over traditional X-ray equipment, including:

  • Greatly reduced radiation exposure when compared to traditional film X-rays.
  • Clearer, more accurate images
  • Easy to access at any time, making your treatment faster and more convenient
  • Easy to read and understand for orthodontic treatment planning and for your education

Best of all, taking digital x-rays is comfortable and easy, taking just a few moments to complete.

Come Benefit from Our Advanced Technology

To learn more about our amazing orthodontic technology, contact L&M Orthodontics today. We can create an orthodontic treatment plan for you that is effective and efficient so you can more quickly enjoy a beautiful smile.

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